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The Huntridge Theatre was designed in the "Streamline Moderne" style by renowned theatre architect S.Charles Lee and decorations (which, sadly, were lost by the 1980's) were conceived and executed by renowned muralist Anthony Heinsbergen.

The tower rises 75 feet above the theatre, the letters in the neon Huntridge sign are each seven feet high and three feet wide and they contain more than 1,000 feet of neon tubing. In 1944 when the theatre was opened, this unique landmark was considered to be "immense".

At the time of the theatre's opening, one of its "novel and convenient" features was what was known as the "Cry Room". Located upstairs, it was a special sound-proof room with a complete sound systems, comfortable seats, air-conditioning and large glass windows where mothers with small children could "take them and watch the show in comfort without annoyance to others".

We hoped that pictures of the theatre from the early days would be posted, but we only have a links to another theatre designed by S. Charles Lee--Fresno, California's historic TOWER THEATRE.

The HUNTRIDGE Performing Arts Theatre
1208 E.Charleston Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89104


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