The Huntridge History

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Designed by renowned architect S. Charles Lee and owned by movie stars Loretta Young and Irene Dunn, the "Streamline Moderne"-style Huntridge Theatre opened on October 10, 1944 and for almost five decades provided entertainment and enjoyment for the Las Vegas community in the form of first-run movies, which often included appearances by the film's stars.

Because of its location in a new and growing suburb, The Huntridge Theater was--unlike theaters in the downtown area that featured more adult-oriented entertainment--"The Family Theater" and was at one time one of the most successful showcases for Disney movies in the western United States.

The Huntridge was also, for decades, the only non-segregated theater in Las Vegas and many Las Vegans recall spending their Saturday afternoons seeing matinees and children's shows at The Huntridge.

Beginning in 1992, the Huntridge Theatre established a new era in Las Vegas entertainment in its new incarnation as: The Huntridge Performing Arts Theatre.

Designed for locals and tourists alike, it remained the most popular non-casino based concert and event venue in Las Vegas.

After a roof collapse in mid-1995 due to old age, the Huntridge was almost entirely rebuilt--adding, along with the new roof: a catwalk, fly loft, loading dock area, green room and enlarged stage--and the upgrades and improvements turned what was once a movie house into a full-production theatre.
Entertaining the Las Vegas community
since 1944

The Huntridge stage hosted diverse events from children's theatre, Mexican comedy and dance concerts, to choir recitals and church services. The Theatre also functioned in its original role as a movie theatre, holding screenings for events such as the Las Vegas Parks & Recreation's Summer Saturday Matinee Series, SPIKE & MIKE'S Animation Festival and the CINEVEGAS Film Festival on the 35' x 17' screen. There were even weddings on the stage of the Theatre. But the Huntridge Performing Arts Theatre was mainly known as Las Vegas's premiere all-ages Alternative music venue.

From Vincent Price and Marlene Deitrich, Abbott & Costello and other movie stars of early Hollywood, to today's musical artists such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sheryl Crow, Najee, Fugazi, Beck, Foo Fighters, John Cale...and many more, the Huntridge stage hosted many top entertainers of the day.

From movies and plays to music and more, the Huntridge Theatre entertained the Community of Las Vegas and the curtain lowered a final time on January 1, 2002 when, the theatre ceased operations and closed. The building was purchased by a local businessman and its future is presently unknown.

Fortunately, unlike most vintage buildings in Las Vegas, the Huntridge won't immediately fall to the wrecking ball. The building was sold, but for now, this landmark remains standing.

Listed in 1993 on the National Register of Historical Places and the State Register of Historical Places, the Theatre was operated by the Friends of the Huntridge Theatre, Inc. -- a non-profit organization that was formed and was dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Las Vegas's historic HUNTRIDGE THEATRE.


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