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SANCTUARY was a very versatile space that could be used not only for live music and dancing in a club could also be used for meetings and seminars, banquets, weddings... and receptions, recitals, etc. Outside was a large enclosed patio area with lights and misters for warm summer outdoor seating.

Sanctuary...with the Huntridge Tower Sanctuary Home Guest Artists: 1999 - 2001 The HUNTRIGE Theatre

Roll your mouse over the doors, windows...and the Tower!

There was a full bar with booths around the perimeter of the space and the floor was open to accomodate different configurations. There was one dressing room area.
Catering was also available.

SANCTUARY also did in-house booking.

Just to give you an idea of the they are, as they were:

Technical Specs

Stage, Room and Light Information:

Corner stage with an arched front measuring 22 1/2 feet wide and 16 1/2 feet deep at center. An additional 8' x 8' riser added for those bands with larger set-ups (i.e. horns, large keyboard rigs, etc.).
The stage height: 32". The house mix position: approximately 30' from the stage on an elvated (30") riser. All wood ceiling with a tile floor making room very live for sound checks, settling down considerably during shows when people filled the room. Not much EQ change at all, just the reflections in the room due to the height of the hanging speaker system (12').
Lighting system: (12) 1000 watt pars, (2) 6' eye strips hung behind stage and (3) High End system Multi-rays over the stage into the audience. Control: (1) Leprecon LP 1000 24 channel controller.

Sound System:

House (and monitor) Console: Wheatstone (Audio Arts) 48 x 8 x 2 with full matrix. 4 band quasi parametric EQ with (4) Aux send (used for montiros) & (2) Aux sends reserved for effects. All inserts are mono 1/4" in & out, and each channel has separate mic and line XLR inputs (no 1/4" line inputs).
Effects/EQ Rack: House and monitor EQs are Behringer Ultra-Curve 1/3 octave digital EQs (total six channels, 2 house, 4 monitor). House FX are (1) Yamaha Rev 7 and (1) Yamaha SPX 90II. There are (8) channels fo compression available (Behreinger Multi-coms) and (4) channels of gates (Behringer Autoquad). CD and cassette players are also available in the rack.
House PA System: Subs: (6) 400 watt 18" PAS speakers are built into the bottom of the stage and powered by (1) Mackie 2600 for a total of 2400 watts of sub power. The mid-hi packs are PAS RS 2.2 (1 left, 1 right) with (2) 400 watt 15" and (1) 2" horn in each. The upper cabinets are 1000 watts RMS each for a total system power of 4400 watts.
The system is active tri-amped using a TDM X-over.
Monitors: The monitors are all permanently hung, 12" woofer, 1" horn bi-amped with (2) in center, (1) each left and right and (2) for drums. The benefit of hanging are better than 6dB more gain and more stage space. Monitor power is QSC 1500's for lows and Ashley 1500's for highs. TDM X-over.
House snake: The room has a permanent 40 channel split snake with 8 returns, 6 of which are in use for house and monitors.
One of the best features about Sanctuary was its sound and sound system, and the intimate size of the room, which meant that there was no bad spot to see.
1125 S. Maryland Parkway (near Charleston & Maryland Parkway)
Las Vegas, NV 89104
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